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By: GOODMAN, Micah

Nonfiction, 2012

This book centers on a rather mysterious story about an ancient kingdom’s conversion to Judaism, a story retold in the twelfth century by Rabbi Yehuda Halevi in the Kuzari, one of the most original philosophy books in the history of Jewish tradition. It is a fairly simple tale about a lost king and a wise rabbi offering him a new path – friends who share insights which were important at their time, but no less important at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

But in Micah Goodman’s THE KING'S DREAM the veil of mystery is lifted and the abstraction is revealed to be sophistication. The Kuzari  is presented  as a deceptively simple book, containing more than  meets the eye. Are the people of Israel actually holier than – and superior to – other peoples, as the rabbi tells the king? Can one see God's fingerprints on the world? Goodman, author of the bestselling Secrets of the Guide for the Perplexed, confronts the difficult questions raised by Halevi nine centuries ago. Goodman invites readers to join the spiritual journey of the King of the Khazars, a journey that ultimately lays bare a different Kuzari – and a different Judaism as well.

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“The King's Dream offers a brilliant solution to one of the oldest riddles in Rabbi Yehuda Halevi’s thought. Micah Goodman’s book could cause a seismic shift in our most  fundamental  understandings of Jewish culture.” – Dov Elbaum

“In his fresh attentiveness to the flexibility and dialogical honesty of the Kuzari,  Goodman manages to save this treasure from suffocation by the dogmatic readings so  common  today. Goodman retrieves the lost, returning it to its owners, to us, the literary public.” – Prof. Menachem Lorberbaum

“In The King’s Dream Rabbi Yehuda Halevi’s teachings become more relevant than ever. Goodman’s unique reading reveals hidden layers of  the Kuzari, presenting the book to the world of contemporary existential faith.” – Rabbi Yuval Cherlow