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By: GOODMAN, Micah

Nonfiction, 2010

Even before its translation from Hebrew, SECRETS OF THE GUIDE FOR THE PERPLEXED is being hailed as the most successful book ever published on Moses Maimonides, the preeminent medieval Jewish philosopher. The works of Maimonides, and particularly The Guide for the Perplexed, are among the most fundamental texts in the modern Jewish world. In Secrets Of The Guide For The Perplexed, a longtime national bestseller, Micah Goodman contends that Maimonides maintained that the Torah’s purpose is not to bring clarity about God but rather to conceal, not to resolve inscrutable religious issues but to give us insight into the true nature of our lives.

Rights Sold to:

Israel, Kinneret Zmora-Bitan, Dvir; USA, Jewish Publication Society & University of Nebraska Press 


“Goodman unpacks Moses Maimonides's Guide for the Perplexed, suitable for both spiritual seekers and intellectually curious laypeople. Goodman explicates Maimonides's views… revealing the didactic purpose behind the Guide's many perplexing contradictions. In addition, he addresses how to put Maimonides's more narrowly Judeocentric legal works (such as the Mishneh Torah) into the context of a more universal worldview … Goodman considers the aim of the Guide in its original context and its impact on Judaism in previous ages, as well as its continued relevance, particularly its value to people living in a post-modernist, skeptical age.”—Publishers Weekly

Dr. Micah Goodman, a rising star in the field of Jewish thought, has something new to say. [C]lear, challenging and emphatic… Goodman’s study is riveting, enlightening and relevant.” – Dr. Meir Buzaglo, Haaretz

The book is extraordinarily well-written: clear, full of arresting wordplay  and vivid contrasts… dramatic, and plotted like a novel. Goodman builds up expectations, only to smash them. He is also willing to take risks, presenting Maimonides in ways guaranteed both to delight his readers and at the same time to raise the eyebrows of his colleagues in academia.” – Prof. Menachem Kellner, H-Net

Goodman is endowed with a breathtaking ability to present complex issues in a clear and simple, yet not simplistic, language. Secrets Of The Guide For The Perplexed…enlightens readers about the greatness of Maimonides, who, as early as the medieval era,  prepared Jews for the predictable challenges of the modern world: his call for believers to find God’s wisdom embedded in nature and in scientific research has freed Jews from idle debate over the supposed contradiction between science and the biblical account of creation…” – Mor Altshuler, Ha’aretz

“Micah Goodman is a wonderful guide to the enchanted mazes of The Guide for the Perplexed. This book is a fascinating, pleasurable and thought-provoking.” – Prof. Ze’ev Harvey, Department of Jewish Thought, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

"Micah Goodman’s inspiring book is an important and profound contribution to our comprehension of the greatest, most complex, work in the history of Jewish philosophy." – Prof. Moshe Halbertal, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, New York University

 “Micah Goodman makes one of the formative texts of Jewish philosophy accessible, and turns it into a tool for dealing with fundamental questions in the life of man and society, and their relation to heavenly realms.” – Rabbi Dr. Benjamin Lau, Ramban Synagogue Community Rabbi, The Institute for Social Justice at Beit Morasha

“Secrets of the Guide for the Perplexed presents an exciting and relevant possibility: freeing the Israeli mind from the habits of religious discourse and returning the concept of God to the perplexed critical intellectual.” – Dr. Ruth Calderon