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By: ANGEL, Ido

Fiction, 2012

After receiving rave reviews of her debut novel, Efrat, a young writer, falls in love with Uri, the one critic who wrote a harsh review of her book.

Eight months into their marriage, with Efrat unable to write and Uri barely making a living, they find themselves facing an unwanted pregnancy. Anxieties about becoming their parents overwhelm them, and they consider abortion even as they try to maintain the appearance of happiness.  In CHILDREN’S STORY, Ido Angel penetrates the facade of marital bliss as his characters confront fear, alienation and each other.

Rights Sold to:

Israel, Modan


“Angel takes apart the big lie of parenthood, the family and fake happiness…The protagonists of Children's Story are tortured souls, and the expectations for parenthood brings out the worst in them. The result is a troubling and revealing novel, roaming in a twisted and nightmarish space…. Some people should not be parents. Some children should not be born. This is a book that tells what you've never been told.” – Ran Bin-Nun, Yediot Achronot

“A courageously and sincerely written, interesting and thought-provoking novel about relationships and the place of children in life.” – Ilit Karp, Ha'aretz

“A brave book. It dares to handle one of Israeli society's taboos…abortion. In Children's Story Angel takes readers on a deep and impressive psychological voyage…The novel's strength is in the complex manner with which it touches on what the author's generation faces – the fear of finding similarity to one's parents, and also the recognition that any attempt to distance yourself from your parents would only make you more similar to them.” – Dani Luzon, Hasharon