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By: ABRAMSON, Shlomit

Fiction, 2005

THE BOOK OF TAMAR re-tells the biblical story of Tamar, daughter-in-law of Judah, this time from the point of view of a child bride among the semi-nomadic tribes that were later to evolve into the Jewish people.  Seeing the patriarchs of the nation through the eyes of a young woman, ancient Canaan comes to life, and biblical figures become real, complete with their passionate loves, burning jealousies and cruel power struggles. THE BOOK OF TAMAR, with its revisionist and feminist attitudes and its mesmerizing story, became an instant best seller in Israel. Within one year of publication it has appeared in eight editions.

Rights Sold to:

Italy, La Giuntina; Israel, Modan


“Because the Bible provides only the skimpiest of details, particularly where its juiciest stories are concerned, readers often find new versions of biblical stories very tempting.  Such stories make biblical characters come to life – histories and circumstances are invented for them, enabling us to examine the structure of their personalities and understand them better.  This is exactly what Shlomit Abramson does in The Book of Tamar ….With great courage and experience in building a story of suspense with best-seller potential, Abramson has created a plot seemingly antithetical to the original.” – Shirli Lev-Ari, Haaretz

“Between Thomas Mann’s Tamar in Joseph and His Brothers and Shlomit Abramson’s Tamar in The Book of Tamar, I prefer Abramson’s Tamar. The surprising and daring commentary on the biblical myth, the authentic descriptions of the terrain and the ongoing complex human relationships between the characters turn The Book of Tamar into a fascinating link in the chain of search for meaning of our existence in this place.” – Dr. Gideon Ofrat, Literary Critic

“Abramson’s first book is a really pleasurable read.  Her language is rich and flowing, the characters are convincing…and the plot is absolutely moving.” –  Dr. Tamar Landau, Ha’aretz

 “The Book of Tamar by Israeli author Shlomit Abramson reweaves the biblical narrative. The threads of Genesis are tied anew by the author, as if by a brilliant archeologist, and they take us back to the ancient Middle East. In this novel God appears only indirectly, through Jacob’s contempt towards the idolatry of the peoples around him. It’s an exotic, feminist and sensual story, but precisely because it is so, it is succeeds is returning to us a feeling of sacredness.” – Lara Carino, La Repubblica