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By: ANGEL, Ido

Fiction, 2010


Michael is an ordinary guy with a dead-end job, living a mundane, routine life in Tel Aviv. He has no ambition and he fails miserably at courting a new colleague at work. His only consolation in life is his friendship with Louis, a handsome Argentinean poet with whom he exchanges letters. When Louis comes to Israel for a visit, Michael seems about to find happiness. After a bizarre accident, he travels to Buenos Aires, where he writes, finds passion, explores identities and finally is about to journey back home to his surprisingly comforting life. But before he can do that, another character in the novel, Ido, the author, must wrestle with a dilemma: be miserable and write, or reunite with the woman he loves and thus desert the fictional Michael, leaving his protagonist without an ending. In this gorgeous debut novel, Ido Angel explores the entangled relationship between writing and love, creativity and happiness in an often bitterly funny Borges-like plot with lost and poetic characters.

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Israel, Achuzat Bayit


“From the very first sentences it is obvious this is a writer who knows his prose. He knows how to put the words at the correct angles and in a way, so difficult to describe in a review, in which the words are lit up from inside like those Japanese paper lanterns...Angel describes his hero in a warm, gentle and intimate manner and manages to reveal fresh emotional venues. He manages to demonstrate in a subtle and sophisticated manner…some of the deepest philosophical questions.” – Arik Glasner, Maariv

“Michael's Story is a common story about a common man, which begins commonly, but in fact there's nothing common about it. This is a unique story… a book that actually creates an alternate reality, one that allows a fresh clean start, which can manifest only out of great loneliness.” – Mor Alazon, YNET