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Young Adult, Forthcoming, Soho Teen, 2020

Tell the Wolves I'm Home meets The Sky Is Everwhere in Katherine Field Rothschild's YA contemporary novel HOPE AND OTHER FEATHERED THINGS. 

Twin sisters Blythe and Sabine are devastated by the sudden death of their father. They each cope with the shock in different ways - Sabine by randomly spouting Emily Dickinson poems and Blythe by obsessing about her acceptance to MIT, her dad's alma mater. But when they move in to a ramshackle mansion in a small town with a man named Charlie who claims to have known their father and seems like he's putting moves on their mother, the girls need to figure out what the heck is going on. 

Sabine breaks into Charlie's car with the help of a really hot mover guy named Kai, and digs out a box of her dad’s old letters. As the girls settle into a new school and Sabine falls for Kai, the letters lead them on a track to finding out the truth: Charlie was their father’s longtime lover and the mansion was their love child. 

But all the girls really want is a real home, not a crumbling mansion. And all Charlie wants is to turn the mansion into transitional housing for LGBQT youth - in memory of Blythe and Sabine's dad, who, as it turns out, actually died of AIDS. Sabine decides that the only way to get rid of the mansion is to sabotage its city permit. But when her efforts uncover a town scandal, and in the process she loses almost everyone she loves, she must decide if she’s willing to fight for the legacy of a father she only thought she knew. 

HOPE AND OTHER FEATHERED THINGS is a novel about grief and love, about poetry and hope. It's a tribute to Emily Dickinson with a nod to The Cure, and I hope it breaks your heart into a million pieces and then puts it back together again, like it did to mine. 


USA: Soho Teen