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The compelling story of a terror attack, and the road back and beyond.

Kay Wilson, a British-born Jewish-Israeli tour guide and jazz pianist, takes her American Christian tourist friend Kristine Luken on a hike in the Matta Forest near Jerusalem. They are accosted there by two men who, after tying them up and tormenting them, stab and hack them repeatedly. Kristine dies at the scene. Gagged, bound and barefoot, Kay manages to drag herself to a picnic area where medical help is summoned. She is helicoptered to a hospital where, despite 13 machete wounds and over 30 fractures, her life is saved by an Arab surgeon.      

Kay is flung into an unfamiliar world, where all that she once knew has been destroyed. Thus begins her journey of PTSD, shock, terror, pain, avoidance, rage, numbness, and the most dominant of all, survivor’s guilt. How will she live through the horror she has experienced?

More than a year later, Kay returns to the forest for the first time since the attack. At the exact spot where Kristine was murdered, she kneels and says Kaddish, the Jewish mourner’s prayer.

After the highly publicized attack and trial of the assailants, Kay was in the news again when it was revealed that she hid an Arab Muslim teenager in her house to protect him from people who sought to kill him. Kay found the boy financial support and refuge abroad until it was safe for him to return to Israel.

In March 2016 Kay addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.


As an educator for the NGO StandWithUs, Kay speaks to audiences of all religions and colors, in English and Hebrew, in Israel and abroad. She also speaks on behalf of charities such as One Family Together, an NGO that supports people affected by terrorism.

Through her writings, her calls for justice, and her bridge-building efforts towards the Arab and Muslim community, Kay has acquired tens of thousands of followers on social media.  


Her TED talk:

Her piano rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow can be viewed here: