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By: KLESS, Eyal


This post-dystopian sci-fi novel is set more than a hundred years after the Great Catastrophe, when what's left of the human race is still reeling from the war that brought it to the brink of extinction. The Wildeners revert to the old ways, praying to new Gods, while others feed off the salvaged technology of the lost civilization of Tarakan with no regard for the consequences.

In the mysterious City of Towers, once the pride and joy of the now destroyed Tarakan Empire, a lowly scribe of the Guild of Historians is entrusted with a mission he's only read about in Salvo-novels. He must venture from the ivory towers into a world torn apart by fear and violence to find an ex-Salvationist CommWoman named Vincha and a story that only she can tell.

Together with a mercenary Salvationist Troll named Galinak, whose knack for violence is rivalled only by his ability to get himself into and out of trouble, they set off to uncover the fate of one little boy who disappeared more than a decade before.

But he was no ordinary boy. Rafik was of a rare breed of marked people. Neither a powerful Combat Troll, a Seer, nor a Gadgetier, his only talent was that he could solve puzzles. But his ability to open doors and manipulate symbols made him into "The Key" — one of only a handful of the marked who could open the doors and nodes of Tarakan City, which    contained technological devices that could restore civilization to its past glory.

In a world of tattooed mutants, crazy truckers, warring guilds and greedy mercenaries, this harmless little boy may have singlehandedly destroyed humanity’s only chance for salvation—unless someone can figure out what happened to him.

There are echoes of Patrick Rothfuss’ THE NAME OF THE WIND and Emily St. John Mandel's STATION ELEVEN. 


Rights Sold to:

Film rights: Kassie Evashevski (UTA)

Two-Book Deals -- World English: Harper Voyager; Germany: Blanvalet