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By: SULLIVAN, Rosemary & ITKIN, Adam

Nonfiction, Forthcoming

Five young idealists were recruited in 1975 to hunt down Nazis hiding in South America.  Their mission was complex: not simply to exact just vengeance for the genocide in which the Nazis criminals had participated, but to uncover their networks of financial and logistical support and their ingenious routes of escape. The team’s investigations led to more than the discovery of German war criminals.  The costs they paid for their pursuit of justice were high: three deaths, two other lives devastated. 

Rights Sold to:

Brazil: Objectiva; China: Citic; Denmark: Rosinante; Finland: Bazar; France: Flammarion; Germany: Piper; Greece: Kedros; Holland: De Arbeiderspers; Hungary: XXI Szazad; Italy: Einaudi; Japan: Hayakawa; Korea: Munhakdongne; Poland: Swiat Ksiazki; Portugal: Planeta; Romania: RAO; Spain: PRH; UK: Ebury Press; USA: Flatiron