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By: GARVIE, Regina

Young Adult

CANDID DATES is a fun, romantic contemporary Young Adult novel that touches upon the media circus that often surrounds the lives of the children of Presidential hopefuls. 

Lots of girls make mistakes. Lots of girls get drunk at parties and get their pictures snapped in compromising positions. But most girls don't wake the next morning to find those photos are the topic of every major media outlet in the United States. Then again, most girls aren't the daughter of the first female Republican presidential candidate. And most girls, good girls, aren't photographed making out with the son of their mom's political rival.

When seventeen year old Reagan Stevens wakes up, hungover and confused, the morning after the most epic New Year's Eve party she'd ever been too. Correction, the ONLY New Year’s Eve party she'd ever been to, her mother is screaming in her ear over the telephone about photos plastered across the news. Photos in which Reagan is seen with Lincoln Edwards’ hand up her skirt.  She forbids Reagan from seeing the guy ever again. 

Which lasts until that night's Republican presidential debate, when both parents score extra air time over their kids' indiscretion. And attention's never a bad thing when you're clawing your way to the top...which means Reagan and Linc get suddenly find themselves sent on a series of "dates" - photo shoots designed to keep their parents' names in the news. 

But Reagan has been expressly prohibited to contact or see the boy at any other time. Except, that's not going to work. Because every time they're together, they need each other more. Even though Lincoln's a bad boy who goes to a boarding school that looks like a prison, has had his license suspended for traffic violations, and is hiding a dark secret, Reagan is smitten, and suddenly she can’t think about anything, or anyone else.

But soon, good girl Reagan starts to understand that her relationship with Linc might not be all she thought he was. And nobody's looking squeaky clean anymore, certainly not his dad, or her mom. It's going to take everything Reagan and Lincoln have to burst the media bubble surrounding their parents and figure out what they really want: each other.