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Fiction, 2014

Agent 10483 carried out his missions perfectly. Too perfectly. When a top agent in the Israeli Organization receives a disturbing notebook written by the mysterious 10483, supposedly dead for years, he realizes that something went terribly wrong. Is 10483 a psychopath who outwitted his handlers for years, or was he manipulated by his superiors to carry out the most monstrous assassinations in the history of the State of Israel? And, as part of a lethal and top secret operation, why was he the only agent to receive three envelopes with targeted killing assignments instead of just one? Was he responsible for locking up his victims and staging their deaths, or was he himself the victim of a brilliant scientist whose cutting-edge discoveries enabled her to manipulate his brain waves? A compelling behind-the-scenes glimpse into the technology of high-level intelligence operations, Nir Hezroni's dark thriller is a chilling exploration of the mind of a master killer.  

Rights Sold to:

Israel, Keter; North America,Thomas Dunne BooksPoland , Media Rodzina; Turkey, Garaj Yayincilik; UK, Oneworld 


*Starred* Publisher's Weekly review: “Hezroni’s superior thriller debut will send chills up the spines of even jaded genre fans… Hezroni maintains a high level of suspense as he expertly toggles between past and present en route to the heart-stopping conclusion.”

“This is an intelligent thriller that raises heavy questions: How far can an undercover government organization go to prevent crimes against humanity, while at the same time becoming responsible for such crimes? In Hezroni’s thriller, both sides of the moon are dark… [This is written] in persuasive yet eloquent prose usually found in canonical works rather than in sophisticated thrillers.” – Yaron Avituv, Ha’aretz

 “Expertly paced, surprising and international in scope.” – Ma’ariv 

 “[A] dark and disturbing Israeli novel, which may well become an international bestseller … a true and intense thriller … captures the reader’s attention from the first moment, as a thriller ought to do.” – Asaf Golan, Makor Rishon

“This is one of the most brilliant Israeli thrillers I have read in a long time. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to learn what happens next, and stayed up half the night because I simply could not put it down. I truly hope Hezroni is planning a sequel…” – Adi Shtamberger, Jerusalem Post