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By: SAGI, Eran

Young Adult, 2011

Moving Fast is a literary young adult novel that offers an intimate glimpse into a year in the life of Alon and Ellie, best friends and seniors at the Tel Aviv High School for the Performing Arts.

Written with rare and unfliching sincerity, Eran Sagi’s engaging novel gives voice to a range of trials, lessons, traumas and dilemmas that make up contemporary adolescence. Alon narrates the novel as we follow his and Ellie’s last year of high school.  Sagi’s cinematic flashbacks provide  a bird’s eye view of Alon’s past and his memories of Ellie throughout the years, poignant and sweet, but sometimes terrifying – as when  Alon is nearly shot  in the head. Though set in Tel Aviv, this is an international novel that reflects the universality of the teenage experience, from adolescent relationships to  drugs to sexual experimentation to the uncertainty of friendship as high school draws to an end.

This is not a story with a happy ending. There is grimness here, laced with hope, as Alon and Ellie struggle to seek a bit of truth and kindness within the reality that is quickly closing in on them. Their lives are indeed are moving fast.

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Israel, Kinneret-Zmora-Bitan


[I] ntense but fluent language, with an unforgettable sex scene

[T]he need to avoid becoming a cliché is a common characteristic of teenagers. Usually it exists alongside a set of clichés which are unavoidable at that point in life. Sagi does an excellent job expressing these two contradictory sides of his characters…” – Inbal Malka, Ha’aretz

Surpasses all the literature about adolescence …The author’s deep understanding of youth took me by surprise… [T]he bottom line: [This book is] compelling, truthful, honest and moving. What more can you ask?” – Hadar Lotan, Ma’ariv La’Noar

Eran Sagi is a charismatic, talented and promising storyteller. His depictions are generous and sensitive, and his language is colorful and fluid. Sagi does well at depicting the lives of his protagonists as well as beautiful and tempting youth itself, with all its hopes, foolishness and heartbreaks.” – Alma Cohen Vardi

A book about teenagers can easily  lapse into one of two clichés: educational, like a family TV drama, or concerned, like a news segment about the corruption of contemporary youth . The fact that Sagi’s debut novel manages to avoid these clichés keeps it interesting… He succeeds in dealing with the topic without being didactic, conservative or petrified.” – Yiftah Ashkenazi, Ma’ariv