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By: SAGI, Eran

Fiction, 2013

Mika and Evyatar move into an old Tel Aviv apartment across the street from Uri and Amit, who are a little older and a bit more well-to-do. The story of these two couples begins during a completely typical Tel Aviv summer, and ends a year and half later during a season of extreme northern frost. Between the extremes of hot and cold, the lives of these four individuals play out against one another, exposing their dreams and desires and all that lends meaning to their lives. 

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Israel, Kinneret- Zmora-Bitan


“Sagi takes the forced urban intimacy of porch facing porch in crowded, sticky Tel-Aviv to its extreme: All walls and barriers are breached and all desires are laid bare. There is  nothing more to hide…CLIMATE is a troubling book – in a good sense.” – Ran Bin-Nun, Yediot Acharonot

 “Written with talent, with literary sensitivity, with meticulous depictions of its characters and of interpersonal, social, emotional and sexual nuances. A truly  authentic and persuasive depiction of  contemporary climate, of  marital life, of the dreariness, the suffocation and the longing for the  fierce and exciting -- for something which gives life meaning” – Varda Raziel Jacont, Gibor Tarbut

“The four characters Eran Sagi created are highly credible…I enjoyed peeling off their outer shell and discover what they tend to keep to themselves. I read the book breathlessly,  anxious to see how the cold encounter would end in a place where warmth and intimacy bubble and seethe beneath the surface.” – Saloona