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By: LAVIE, Aliza

Nonfiction, 2005

Bestseller for 38 weeks.

A comprehensive collection of prayers written for and by Jewish women throughout the ages, this book is collated from a wide range of sources – historically and geographically – that have been located and traced to their original sources.  The book includes prayers, supplications and poetry for everyday life of the female life span – a request to find the right spouse, words for a bride on her wedding day, for a woman who cannot conceive or is going through painful labor, for a mother leading her son to his military service, words to be spoken in mourning for the death of a child….

As the liturgical expressions vary – so do the original languages – Yiddish, Ladino, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.. from which this edition has been translated.  It includes very ancient texts (the song of Miriam the prophet) to ones that were only just written.

Rights Sold to:

Israel, Miskal -Yediot Achronot Books; USA: Spiegel & Grau


These texts were diligently gathered into this splendid and illuminating book by Dr. Aliza Lavie….” Prof. Avigdor Shinan, Haaretz

“It is my prayer that many women will find, in this book, that which their soul desires: supplication for all times and for all circumstances. Prepare their hearts, listen to them, and accept our prayers with compassion and with favor, for You hear prayer.” – Rabbi Israel Meir Lau (former Chief Rabbi of Israel)

“The book has become a cultural phenomenon exceeding its success in sales figures” – Tamar Rotem, Ha’aretz

“The book displays prayer as works of art, as priceless jewels on display, as empowering texts of spiritual greatness…their voices so clear in my ears and their words so touching, I could not but join them, postponing for a moment, forgetting where I am, wipe tears from my eyes and pray.” – Michal Wasner, Makor Rishon